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  1. horysontal
  2. malgyl point
  3. 1 zero vector
  4. phaoll point
  5. 2 zero vector
  6. crossing
  7. esther
  8. vertical

Death Ambient work, planned to be released by Italian label Musica Maxima Magnetica, but actually never pressed on Cd.

Enigmatic, very emotional drone album from Cisfinitum, who finishes in this way his surreal "0 vs 0", "Landschaft" and "Malgyl" trilogy. Awesome, heartily recommended work.

Musica Maxima Magnetica info-

MALGYL - third and last part of the trilogy, album, intended according to the concept of group to synthesize death-ambient with the the postromantic symphonysm and the Tibetan ritual music. Previous two parts - " 0vs0 " and "Landschaft " were released on CDR by the sufficiently limited print runs. Sounding trilogy in many respects is caused by the method of their record: bulk of sound these are random digital feedbacks, generated by different disabled synths and by others, including unmusical, generators of sound. Furthermore are used different acoustic objects and authentic Tibetan musical tools. Album is written down and mixed on the analog tape with subsequent digital mastering.

The final release is by Russia's Cisfinitum, who is getting more and more recognition outside it's home country. 'Malgyl' is the closing part of a trilogy, following '0 vs 0' and 'Landschaft'. Cisfinitum plays mood music for the darker than dark minds. But unlike many others he doesn't do this by just turning on some analogue synths or running plug ins over a few field recordings, but instead he uses a large dose of classical samples, which he stretches out. This gives the music a highly loaded character that perhaps in another life I would have slagged down as 'gothic'. I must admit that despite the fact that this is all nicely produced, it's still not my cup of tea. Too much pathos for no apparent good reason, although some parts were quite alright. (FdW Vital Weekly 517)"