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Heilige feuer 2+Land-schaft


  1. Unmoeglichkeit
  2. Audiochemie
  3. MBIP 1
  4. MBIP 2

composed/constructed by E.Voronovsky

synths/samples by R.Norvila

engineered by R.Norvila (1,2) and E.Soloviev (3,4)

Polyvox in 1 by E.Soloviev

in 2001 Cisfinitum performed live at first russian industrial music festivals Land;schaft (titled as memory to Cisfinitum album) and Heilige Feuer 2, where participated such artists as Raison D'Etre, Bad Sector, Inade,Anenzephalia and others. After this events was released compilations with esclusive tracks-

double 10"box "Land;schaft" (Cold Lands distribution)

and CD Heilige Feuer 2 (Der Angriff)

Cisfinitum live at Land:schaft festival

Live report- http://old.gothic.ru/music/events/landschaft/landschaft.htm

at Heilige Feuer 2 (E.Voronovskiy & E.Soloviev)

Live report -http://darkindustry.darkside.ru/articles/hf_II_report.htm