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  1. Миры возмездия / Worlds Of Retribution
  2. Разбитая вдребезги / Shattered 5:49
  3. Зов Бессмертных / Call Of Immortals 7:19
  4. Темный идол / Dark Idol 3:46
  5. Тонувшие боги / Drowned Gods 5:56
  6. Высоко над руинами / High Above The Ruins 5:00
  7. Долгая дорога к Cолнцу / A Long Way To The Sun 18:44
  8. Небесная Россия / Heavenly Russia
  9. Глубинное / Inland 9:26
  10. Иная даль / Another Distance 5:12
  11. Душа Великой реки / District Delta 8:56
  12. Олирна / Olirna 4:57
  13. Поле сна / Pole Sna 21:54

 This set contains the tracks from the most gloomy and profound albums of Cisfinitum - "Landschaft" (released in 2001 as CDR by IVB Records) and "Malgyl" (previously unreleased), which have been recorded in 1999-2001. The material has been remastered and recompiled to become the new entity called "Coniunctio". Newborn album consistsof two parts, "Worlds Of Retribution" and "Heavenly Russia", the first one contains most dark and depressive tracks, the second one presents brighter side of Cisfinitum. Going through the desperate landscapes of today's dying spiritless world, the listener comes into the sacred and surreal inner space of an immaterial land full of light, mysticism and universal melancholy. One of the most beautiful and heartful records ever done in the drone ambient style, "Coniunctio" could remind of the best and saddest Maeror Tri albums or legendary HOEDH "Hymnus", but the irrational Russian essence within Cisfinitum's music makes it unique and completely original. The real masterpiece which we are really proud to release!  [Ewers Tonkunst]


"...Now, it tends to be labelled as the best ever example of dark ambient coming from Russia. "Landschaft" tracks are very pleasant by melancholic touch, combining the deep sorrow and hypnotic quality. The rest tracks are more varied and abstract, but also marked by depression. This heavily shaded atmosphere can be relieved by nostalgic senses that comes to mind like the vivid memories of past."

Dmitry Vasiliev, IEM magazine