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Tactio (Live in Bremer Dom)

Tactio is the live recording of a Cisfinitum concert at the St. Petri Dom (St. Peter's Cathedral) in Bremen, on November 24, 2005. The particular (and as expected highly favorable) acoustics of this environment were consistently used not only as an enhancing effect but as an integral foundation for the performance, making it unmistakeably tied to its context. Presented in the form of six continuous tracks, the album is a contemplative composition of vibrant drones, reverberating bells and synthesized resonance, gracefully evolving from the celestial tones of its start to the tellurian pulses of its climax. This is a piece of work that is elaborate in its simplicity, and it's with much appreciation that it is presented here today. The beautiful iconic artwork by Evgeny Kuprienko further emphasizes the relic-like qualities of this recording."

One of Russia's older forces of all things dark, ambient and at times a bit industrial is the work of Evgeny Voronovsky, who goes by the name of Cisfinitum. In November 2005 he played a concert in Bremen in the St. Petri Dom and the recording here presents his music, using both the acoustic environment of the church as well a direct recording of the music. Cisfinitum's music is a blend of synthesized drone/ambient sounds much along the lines of say Lustmord.

But to top things of Cisfinitum adds a blend of pulsating sounds, which over the course of the concert becomes to live. First, half way through as church bells but towards the end things are almost minimal techno like pulsating, with a fat drone like synthesizer still heavily in control of the mood. On tape there is the addition also of a baroque violin (an instrument which Evgeny is formally trained in), but that is stretched out to an extent that they fit the drone like capacities of the rest.

The six pieces flow into eachother and form one long piece, which is, I must admit, nothing new under the ambient drone sun, but Cisfinitum's work can easily meet the best in the genre, and is one of Russia's biggest talents. (FDW, Vital weekly 624)

after concert with Troum/ 1000schoen