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Compilations (1999 — 2009)

Necro Stellar, Haters, New Blockaders

Line up:

  • E. Voronovsky — vtol robosynth, noises
  • E. Soloviev — drumz, noises
  • M. Ardabieff — voice, poetry
  • A. Vituhnovskaya — voice, poetry
  • Hutopia — source vibrations and samples

Also A. Kibanov + A. Borisov + A. Bortnichuk + Cisfinitum feat. Hutopia — TRRRack is avaliable for free download here.

Collaboration act beetween pioneers of Russian industrial music (I mean AB/AB and Cisfinitum) and newbies (I mean AK and Hutopia). Alexander Kibanov is young hope among the rotting Russian industrial scene. First recordings date by 2001, seriously he has started to record music only in 2007. He has VERY many of projects and releases. Alexei Borisov is a musician (also radio dj and article writer), from Moscow, former of one of first new wave bands in USSR (Notchnoy Prospekt). He has many various projects and collaborated with such artists as Sergei Letov, KK Null, The New Blockaders, etc. Alexei Bortnichuk (ex.Zvuki Mu, Grozdya Vinogradovy) is a musician from Saint-Petersburg, mostly known for his project with Petr Mamonov (which started in 1983) and as member of cult Russian band Zvuki Mu. Cisfinitum is a Russian musician Eugene Voronovsky. Started his activity in 1997. Has collaborated with Migel A.Ruiz, Rapoon, etc., was member of Kooperativ Nishtyak. Hutopia is London based artist, poet and painter collaborated with Voronovski for this record.