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"Drone music is a minimalist musical style that emphasizes the use of sustained or repeated sounds, notes, or tone-clusters called drones. It is typically characterized by lengthy audio programs with relatively slight harmonic variations throughout each piece compared to other musics. La Monte Young, one of its 1960s originators, defined it in 2000 as 'the sustained tone branch of minimalism… Contemporary bands representative of this genre include such bands as …Cisfinitum'"

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"Cisfinitum is the sound of eternity. I've always wanted to create the music of Russian cosmos, music capable of expressing information about Russia that is impossible to reveal by means of words. They call this 'drone' overseas, but I prefer to define it 'metaphysical ambient'"

Eugene Voronovsky, from interview to Rolling Stone magazine

Cisfinitum is a Russian drone band.

It was started in the late 90s by Moscow composer and musician Eugene Voronovsky. Under the name of Cisfinitum, he has taken a syncretic approach to an often codified genre, uniting drone ambient, noise, concrete sounds and experimental structures. Cisfinitum releases have shown a capacity to synthesize these factors at times while emphasizing the contrasts between them at others, sometimes over the course of a single track. Cisfinitum has a very specific emotional style lying within the boundaries of drone ambient and noise.

Band's discography consists of more than 23 full lenth albums (avaliable here for free download), wich balanced between electroacoustic, dark ambient and industrial noise, including collaborations with godfather of drone music Rapoon, pioneers of Soviet industrial music Alexei Borisov and Lebedev-Frontov (Veprisuicida), Moscow conceptual composers Sergey Zagny and Richardas Norvila, 80's industrial hometaping guru Miguel Ruiz and Polish noise-terrorists Maaaa.

Also Cisfinitum made different re-mixes/collaboration works with such artists as Maeror Tri, The New Blockaders, The Haters, Polygon, Troum, Necro Stellar, Alexander Kibanov, great Russian mystic Yury Mamleev and Russian thrash-artist Vladimir Epiphanzev.

During 1999 — 2006 project made a lot of concerts and performances, including Noise and Fury (first Russian international noise fest, founded by Nick Dmitriev and E.Voronovsky), first Russian industrial fest "Land:schaft" (named in the memory of one of famous Cisfinitum albums), Heilige Feuer 2, Reicher Electronisher Musiek 32 (concert in St. Peter's Cathedral, later released as "Tactio" album), created original soundtrack to several spectacles and independent movies ("Mayakovskiy" dir. Vladimir Epiphantzev, "8 Butterflyes" dir. Nick Narziso).

Cisfinitum played many lives onstage with such artists as Rapoon, Troum, Bad Sector, Raison D'Etre, Francisco Lopez, Nadja, Piter Ablinger, Reutoff, Monopolka, Notchnoi Prospekt, Species of Fishes… and many more international and Russian independent/noise/industrial projects.

Cisfinitum has released a lot of material during the years, among his full-length works we'd like to mention "Landschaft", "V", "Bezdna", "Coniunctio", "Malgyl", "Music of Light", "Nevmenosis", " Tactio" and "Mental Travellers" issued on labels such as Entity, Insofar Vapour Bulk, Waystyx, Ewers Tonkunst, Monochrome Vision, etc.

Three early albums "0 vs 0" (1998), "Landschaft" (2000) and "Malgyl" (2001) later was re-released as MP3 files by Entity and Top-40 netlabels.

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